Waterproof Dry Bag for Women

Color: 20L 3
Ships From:
  •  Adopts high-quality, environment-friendly PVC frosted material, tough and not easy to break, almost completely waterproof, dry and wet separation can be achieved.
  •  The seal of the waterproof bag is designed with a shoulder strap lock, and both ends can be buckled. Tie your backpack anywhere. On the arm, on the shoulder...
  •  Handle design is added on the side of the waterproof bag, which is convenient to handle and carry.
  •  there are 10L/20L two types of capacity can choose, suitable for fishing, outdoor rafting, car washing, camping, ice, beach...
  •  When you use it, you can fold it many times. When the fold times reach 3-4 times, you can achieve the waterproof effect of the head.

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