Ultralight Camping Tent



GeerTop Pyramid 3S Upgraded is the upgraded version of GeerTop Pyramid 3S. The fly sheet is combined with the inner tent, which is easier to set up the tent. Thanks to the high-quality material, this tent features waterproof and durable. The same as the classic GeerTop Pyramid tent, this tent is designed without tent poles, which is suitable for backpackers. It is a good choice for one-person three-season tourism.


  • The fly sheet combined with the inner tent, which it easier to set up the tent.
  •  Huge space for one person to sleeping, reading, eating, or changing clothes.
  • The door of the fly sheet can be extended to become a living room for storage baggage. You can put a ground sheet on the floor to extend the using space.
  • Designed for use without tent poles. You can support the tent with your trekking poles which is necessary for outdoor enthusiasts. It is a nice tent for backpackers.
  • The weave with an adjuster can make the poles fixed and not easy to move.
  • The two-way adjuster can help you adjust the rope freely to make the tent structure more three-dimensional.
  • A short pole to prop up the space at the end of the tent, which will increase the airflow and reduce condensation
  • It is very convenient to use the double-sided zipper which can be opened from the inside and the outside.
  • There is a pocket to store your mobile phone, ID card, and other small things.
  • There is a hook at the top of the tent that can be used to hang a camping light.

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