Outdoor Sports Water Bags

Color: Blue
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  • Soft Material: More resistant to falling, squeezing, not afraid of falling.
  • Portable and Foldable: Press the mouthpiece lightly to squeeze the water out without a straw. The integrated type is more portable, portable and foldable. It is only about 8 cm/3.15 inches after being folded. Folding does not take up space and is portable.
  • TPU Material: The cup body TPU material has frosted texture, and it feels comfortable when you hold it and is clean and hygienic.
  • Environmental Protective and Notice: TPU soft water cup. TPU has strong toughness, no plastic smell, and can be buried in the soil to decompose naturally. Try not to contain colored beverages, leaving traces of pigment, and not easy to clean.
  • Spiral Anti-leakage Cover: The screw-type cap has better anti-leakage effect.


  • Name: Outdoor Collapsible Water Bottle
  • Capacity: about 500 ml
  • Weight: about 38 grams
  • Main Material: food-graded TPU
  • Nozzle material: silicone
  • Water outlet method: direct drinking

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