Outdoor Inflatable Mattress

Color: Blue
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You need this lightweight, inflatable sleeping pad and your experience will change in a breath. Enjoy a deeper, more relaxing night's sleep by supporting your body with a premium lightweight camping sleeping pad! If you’ve ever been camping on the cold, hard ground, you know that waking up to a sore back or hips can really ruin the next day. That’s why we developed the lightweight Inflatable Camping Sleeping Pads, an innovative camping mat that is suitable for hiking, backpacking, or camping to offer better comfort and support for you.


  • Dampproof Mat Type: Mattress
  • Outdoor Activity: Picnic Barbecue
  • By Inflating Mode: Built-in Inflator Pump
  • Material: TPU Nylon
  • Types of moisture-proof pads: outdoor

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