Bushcraft Hand Auger with Bonus Survival Hand Saw

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Rated #1 Survival Tool of 2022!

Start Your Next Outdoor Adventure Right!

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The great outdoors offers thrills and mysteries that urban life can't match. Bushcrafters and survivalists understand it takes more than a pocket knife to achieve the ultimate survival experience.

Nothing beats a multi-functional bushcraft and survival tool when you're out and about in the wilderness. The Scotch Eyed Auger lets you build furniture, living tents, anchor points, traps, and more. It boasts a custom peg maker, sturdy pass-through handle, and a sharp wood auger bit.


Bushcraft Hand Auger Benefits:

3-IN-1 SURVIVAL TOOL: This tool is ingeniously engineered to function as a peg maker tool, an auger bit and a pass-through handle. Its handle boasts sharp edges to cut perfect diameter pegs, while the auger drills holes of the same diameter as the peg.

BUILT TO LAST: This is a tough, nifty tool made of high carbon steel with a 1-inch diameter punch, 1-inch diameter drill bit and a width of total 3 inches.

TIME-SAVING: The sharpened ring in the handle is - from a mechanical point of view - sharper than a regular blade edge, allowing you to create pegs 5 times faster than with a pocket knife.

LEATHER SHEATH OFFERED: The Bushcraft hand auger comes with an elegant leather sheath and a clipper, making it ultra-portable and sheltered from the elements.

Free Survival Gift:

Get a handy emergency wire saw as a gift with your order. It complements the Bushcraft hand auger, and can be used to cut wood and craft survival tools.

ROBUST & RUSTPROOF: This is a stainless-steel emergency wire saw that promises years of reliable service.

EASY TO USE: It's a sturdy and simple steel wire saw adorned with two ring handles, so you can easily cut any object by pulling it back and forth.

SMALL & PORTABLE: The total length is 29 inches. It's flexible and can be stored easily due to its high flexibility.

MULTIPURPOSE: Use it to cut wood, plastic and rubber. It will help you make your survival tools faster.


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